MOST Consulting provides assistance in planning, tendering, project management and construction of offshore wind farms.

We are specialized in all the below mentioned aspects but we also have many additional competences that are not listed here so always feel free to call or write us to hear how we can assist you.  


Analysis and development of complete logistical solutions for construction of offshore wind farms.

o Installation method evaluation
o Transport due diligence in harbour and offshore 
o Vessel planning and management
o Logistical concept during O&M and lifetime period

Assistance during tender material develeopment, tender process and contract negotiations for installation vessels for both FOU, IAG and WTG installation

o Preparation of tender material
o short listing of vessels
o Contract negotiations, BIMCO Supplytime and others
o Classification society contact and management
o Vessel management in general, weather downtime, technical downtime etc.      

Harbour selection and short listing

o Initial feasibility studies and layout 
o Infrastructure tender material and tender process 
o Supervision of preparation of infrastructure in harbours 

Cable installation and termination supervision and management

o Installation method evaluation
o Transport due diligence, onshore, off shore
o Vessel planning and management

Weather report and wave measurements

o Identification of needs
o Complete tender process and purchase of weather reports and wave buoys etc.

Site management

o Planning and preparation of harbour/site plus onsite management and representation for client

Plus many others

Feel free to call us and hear what challenges we can help you overcome!